How do I care for my Mosaic Art Set?

(1) Framing: Place Mosaic Art Sets in appropriately sized frames to protect them from damage and to facilitate display.

(2) Surface protection: Mosaic Art Set surfaces can be coated with clear adhesive or sprayed with a protective coating to increase durability and prevent color fading.

(3) Proper display: Choose an appropriate location to display Mosaic Art Set away from direct sunlight and humid environment to prevent damage.

(4) Regular cleaning: Clean Mosaic Art Set regularly with a soft brush to remove dust and stains and maintain its beauty.

What is Mosaic Art Set?

A Mosaic Art Set is a form of art creation that uses small, colorful sticker blocks to compose images.

These blocks are usually made of different colors, shapes and sizes of paper or other materials.

By attaching these sticker blocks to a support surface, you can create a colorful Mosaic Art Set.

What should I do if I don't have enough Mosaic Art Set?

We offer an additional 30% of mosaic components for each color to guarantee the integrity of the product quantity.

Please contact us promptly via [email protected] if you find a missing quantity of a product.

What are the uses of Mosaic Art Set?

Mosaic Art Sets can be used for a variety of purposes.

They can be used as decorative items to embellish walls, furniture or other objects.

In addition, they can also be used for craft making, art education or children’s craft activities.

You can use Mosaic Art Set in a variety of different projects according to your own creativity and needs.

Can our Mosaic Art Set products be used as wall decorations?

Of course, our products come with wooden frames.

You can use simple nails or tape to attach the Mosaic Art Set to the wall after you have finished creating it.